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6) Notification of acceptance will be released by 2 NOV 2006.
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8) Digital proceedings will be included in the ACM digital library.
Invited Speakers
Masahiro Fujita - General Manager, Chief Distinguished Researcher, Intelligent Systems Research Laboratory, Information Technologies Laboratories, Sony Corporation    more...
Patrick Doherty - Professor of Computer Science, Department of Computer and Information Science, Linköping University    more...
Call for Papers
About the Symposium

Celebrating 50 Years of Artificial Intelligence...

Mobile autonomous robots can perform complex tasks in unstructured and dynamic environments. Advances in autonomous mobile robotics over the last decade have been extraordinary, and the potential for future scientific breakthroughs and applications is breathtaking. However, a number of bottlenecks to future advancement have been identified such as building robots that know what they are doing, and that can adapt to changing conditions and requirements.

This symposium seeks to move the research frontier by focusing on the scientific bottlenecks, namely equipping robots with more knowledge about internal representations and the external world, as well as developing an awareness of oneself and others.

This symposium aims at soliciting research ideas and results from practical research on implementing knowledge representation and high-level reasoning into mobile autonomous robots. Papers on autonomous robots in general are all welcome, but the following areas are highly encouraged,
  • Grounding representations to sensorimotor experiences
  • Integrating knowledge representation into behaviour based robots
  • Inter-robot and human-robot interaction and communication
  • Inter-robot and human-robot cooperation and collaboration
  • How to build robots that know what they are doing
  • Semantic Web or agent applications for robots
  • Cognitive Robotics
  • Robot world modeling
  • Robot perception
  • Robot planning
  • Intelligent robotic applications
Publication of Papers

Accepted papers will be published by the University of Western Australia Press in the Proceedings of International Symposium on Practical Cognitive Agents and Robots with an ISBN 1-74052-130-7. Digital publication will be available on CDs with an ISBN 1-74052-131-5. The digital procceeding will also be included in the ACM Digital Library.

Selected best papers will be to invited for submission to the renowned Journal of Autonomous Agents and Multi-agent Systems (JAAMAS) in a special issue scheduled for publication in late 2008.

Symposium and Program Chairs

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